Office Attire 



Casual or Small Business Casual  – The least formal clothing appropriate for work and closest to everyday clothing, although sweatpants, t-shirts, and sometimes jeans are not appropriate.

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Business Casual – One of the most common dress types for work, business casual is more conservative and nicer than casual dress but still allows for freedom of clothing choice. Business casual wear should be comfortable but presentable.

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Business Professional – Slightly more formal than business casual involving blazers, skirts, slacks, dress pants, and dress shoes.  

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business formal



Business Formal – The most formal clothing attire including dark, conservative suits.

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"Casual Friday" – Some offices let you wear comfortable attire on Fridays, including jeans, a button-down, or a simple shirt.

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Other Attire


Uniform – Some jobs require employees to wear uniforms. Make sure your uniform is in good condition and cleaned regularly. Uniforms should always be worn as specified by the company to create a standard appearance.  

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Add-ons and accessories – Some jobs require employees to wear one or two items of clothing, rather than a full uniform. Common examples include hats, visors, aprons, name tags, and vests. It is important to keep these items clean and to bring them to work every day.

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