Job Seeker's Resources

The job search can be complicated and confusing at times. Looking for advice? You will find lots of useful information and tips in our Resource Center.
  • Update Your Applicant Profile

    Learn how to add information or update the information in your Hire Autism job-seeker account with a video tutorial.

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  • Searching for Jobs

    Learn about types of employment, ways to gain experience, networking, and much more.

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  • SSDI and SSI Benefits

    Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income are the largest of several federal programs that provide assistance to people with disabilities.

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  • Creating the Best Resume

    The first step of applying to jobs is to make a resume. Learn how to create the right resume for you in this article.

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  • Preparing for an Interview

    Get advice on interview etiquette, from common questions and attire, to disclosure.

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  • Interview Questions

    What can you expect going into your job interview? Review some common questions interviewers ask and learn what information you don’t have to share in an interview.

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  • Workplace 101

    Navigating the workplace is tricky, whether it’s your first day or your ten year anniversary. These tips will help guide you to success with your performance, co-workers, and supervisors.-

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  • Basics of Transportation

    One of the most important parts of securing a job is figuring out how you will get to work everyday. Learn about the different types of transportation and their advantages here.

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  • How to Dress

    Workplace attire differs from place to place. Learn about the different styles of dress and what works best for your workplace.

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  • Maintaining Long-Term Employment

    Getting a job is only the first step. Two keys to long-term success are maintaining an excellent job performance record and working well with your coworkers. Learn more about these and other tips for success in the workplace.

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  • What is Schedule A?

    Did you know that if you have a disability, there are steps you can take to help give you equal opportunity when applying to government jobs? Learn about the special process to help you obtain employment with the US government.

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  • Connecting with LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is a commonly-used online platform that many people use to help find their dream job.

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Job Poster's Resources

What is autism? What kind of jobs can a person with autism do? How can I work best with employees with autism? What are accommodations? All your questions are answered right here in our Resource Center.
  • Interviewing Your Applicant With Autism

    How to approach the interviewing process in a way that best allows your applicants with autism to display their qualifications and strengths.

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  • Autism 101

    Not sure you know enough about autism? The basics are listed here for your convenience.

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  • Training Your Employee With Autism

    How to guide your employees from their first day to a bright future with your business.

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  • The Autism-Friendly Workplace

    What you can do to foster a welcoming work environment and enhance the job satisfaction and quality of life for your employees with autism.

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