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Do you love social media, pop culture and disruptive consumer companies? Are you ready for a career that requires you to be at the cutting edge of digital innovation? LMS is an influencer & social media marketing agency that was founded by industry experts featured multiple times in Forbes Magazine. Our goal is to bridge the gap between people and companies, so that we can build exceptional brands.

We are looking to add to our team with exceptional individuals who connect with our guiding principles. If these core values give you goosebumps, then this opportunity might be right for you!

The LMS core values are:

Deliver Excellence- Strive to always do your best. For our clients, for your teammates, for your boss, for yourself and for the world.
Personal, Professional and Organizational Growth- Balance expertise with constant innovation. Get comfortable with constantly learning, implementing, failing, succeeding and then starting over.
Measure Everything- Data and reasoning form balanced opinions. The more accurate the data and the more objective the reasoning, the more believable the opinion is.
Brave not Perfect- Communicate with honest, vulnerability and integrity. Be clear and brave. Strive for alignment and understanding.
Systemized Innovation and Creativity-Checks and balances liberate us from the mundane to focus on the extraordinary.
Influencer with Purpose-Discovery is the essence of sharing. Share what you love.
Act with Ownership-Do what you say you are going to do and require others to do the same. "Be impeccable to your word.”
Want it-Cultivate a growth mindset. Believe you can. Believe we can. Have the will to figure it out.

LMS is the preeminent influencer marketing agency, effectively inventing this marketing channel over the past 12 years. With one eye always on the future, LMS is expanding our many social media, digital, venture capital and traditional media ventures. Based on these strong foundations, the team is now exploring future business opportunities and terrains to diversify over the next 3-5 years. We believe in promoting from within so if you are looking for a place to grow and that will continue to invest in your development, LMS is the ideal company for you.

This is an exciting opportunity to play an integral part in a rapidly growing agency in a hands-on role where marketing and innovation intersect, involving strategy, planning, and executing. You do not need to have experience in this industry to be successful or considered for this position. You DO need to have a burning desire to hustle, learn, develop and win.

Our Manager of Data & Company Performance will have the opportunity to partner closely with the team to understand the impact of the company on our clients and our industry, and use information to pave the way for future opportunities.

You will learn so much from working with this incredible team, and the team will learn so much from you. We look forward to meeting you.

Design, construct, install, test and maintain data management systems for analyzing efficacy of company services and driving innovation.
Collect, cleanse, analyze and provide data for client & company.
Report, visualize and communicate Data Audits to internal stakeholders on a monthly basis, working cross functionally with all department heads.
Develop and implement methods for extracting patterns and correlations from both internal and external data sources.
Perform advanced analysis on marketing programs and tactics and provide synthesized results and recommendations to Client Relationship Managers.
Establish attribution modeling, pathing analysis, and media-mix modeling frameworks for use throughout company & with clients.
Adopt new tools/techniques to increase performance, automation, and scalability.
Develop set processes for data mining, data modeling, and data production that will create data narratives around insights identification, trends, and business opportunities. Effectively present these to stakeholders.
Propose reporting enhancements, modifications, and corrections within defined reporting structures to enhance client understanding of marketing performance.
Daily financial planning & analysis.

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