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Single Head Operator



Position Summary:

The Single Head Operator will operate six single head machines and must be able to produce the required production standard.



  • Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
  • -Responsible for making sure machine(s) are kept in good working condition.
  • -Work on all orders by ship method and due date and must familiarize themselves with all color charts, fabric colors and emblem size codes.
  • -Scan the barcode on the orders to see in which machine the order can be placed and sort by sizes and adjust machine to insert work. Start, stop, and control the speed of the machine with a start/stop button and detect defective stitching and machine malfunctions.  
  • -Responsible for checking quality of emblem before sending it to the clippers.
  • -Assist with maintaining workstation and department cleanliness.
  • -Regularly employs continuous improvement techniques and practices in all activities.
  • -Performs duties in compliance with Federal, state and local laws and regulations and adheres to all Penn Emblem policies and safety procedures.
  • -Perform other work-related projects as assigned by the leads, Shift Supervisor and Plant Manager.
  • Task & Environment Break-down
  • Static or Dynamic:
  • Static
  • Physical Requirements:
  • -Standing, walking, typing
  • Communication:
  • -Minimal
  • Noise:
  • -Loud around area
  • Smell:
  • -N/a
  • Fine Motor:
  • -Threading machine can be challenging
  • Accessibility:
  • -Not very wide area, working with six different machines at one time. May be too high for wheelchair user
  • Computer Skills:
  • -Minimal
  • Independent or Team Oriented:
  • -Independent
  • Complexity:
  • -Memorize code, memorize colors. Keep track of many different things at once


  • Benefits for Full-Time Employees:
  • Medical
  • Dental and Vision coverage
  • 75k life insurance provided
  • Paid time off
  • 401K plan


  • -No experience required.

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