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Inkjet Operator – Print



Responsible for distributing work orders, ensuring that required material is supplied to the IJ department, as according to the shipping schedule, other responsibilities include expediting and prioritizing work orders. The IJ Operator (Print) will also ensure that all printing of IJ transfer sheets for all same day orders (names and specials) is done accurately and in a timely manner. When all same day work is complete, start work for next day using the same ship time prioritization method.



  • Duties and Responsibilities:
  • -Must be able to work on a PC.
  • -Prioritize work based on due date, ship method, and type (i.e., names and specials).
  • -Print photocards for reorders.
  • -Organize all same-day work by ship time.
  • -Print IJ transfer sheets for all same-day orders (names and specials). When all same-day work is complete, start work for next-day using the same ship-time prioritization method.
  • -Double-check transfer sheets to catch possible problems before they go to IJ press (e.g., verify enough sheets have printed, make sure the print quality is good)
  • -Organized orders with their transfer sheets by whether it prints on blanks or on fabric.
  • -Integrate new orders into orders already in IJ press area.
  • -Must know the proper procedure for redos.
  • -Perform hourly maintenance on IJ printers, including head cleaning and nozzle checks. Also, adjust cleaning interval as required by printer and/or job being printed.
  • -Keep manager informed of consumables inventory.
  • -Keep manager informed of printer status (i.e., are there any errors that need to be cleared) and any other issues that arise during the print process.
  • -Must adapt to busy, time-sensitive work environment where the majority of work is due same-day.
  • -Must be able to work with minimal supervision and still perform at high level of output and quality.
  • -Occasional exposure to shop elements including noise, dust, fumes and odors.
  • -The position is both an office and factory environment position and could involve sitting, standing, walking and lifting for long periods of time throughout the day.
  • Physical Requirements:
  • -Ability to stand, walk for long periods of time
  • -Ability to lift up to 25lbs by self and up to 50 lbs. With assistance
  • -Typically bends, stoops and crouches on a regular basis to adjust settings on machinery
  • -Regularly sets, adjusts, assembles, controls, tests and operates computer equipment to generate input and output and transmit data.


  • Benefits for Full-Time Employees
  • Medical
  • Dental and Vision coverage
  • 75k life insurance provided
  • Paid time off
  • 401K plan


  • -No experience required
  • Qualifications and Education:
  • -Basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills required. This is normally acquired through a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • -Show initiative & ability to multi-task.
  • -Strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.
  • -Problem solving skills.
  • -Proven ability to perform in a fast-paced, dynamic environment
  • -Demonstrated active interest in personal and professional development.
  • -Ability to stand, walk, reaching overhead, bending, carrying

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