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The Business Intelligence Developer is part of the business applications group in the corporate information technology department. This role requires deep understanding of big data technologies. We are looking for someone who challenges thinking, is differentiating, and leads change.

The successful candidate will cooperate with Forrester’s architecture and analytics in implementing next-generation real-time infrastructure to help support corporate reporting initiatives and drive business insights.

Implements data analytics solutions on big data batch and stream processing frameworks (e.g., Spark Structured Streaming, Kafka, etc.).
Partners with business representatives, business analysts, developers, and DBAs to deliver comprehensive business-facing analytics solutions.
Develops Spark jobs using Python and explores problems to understand data, and implements solutions from scratch using Spark APIs.
Develops data model to support real-time analytics platform.
Develops, designs, and implements RESTful APIs to expose data or integrate with external web services.
Develops job to send data in real time to Kafka messaging system.
Develops job to read data from Kafka messaging system in real time for data processing and load into RDBMS/NOSQL database.
Incorporates data from several data sources to support solution features for the business needs.
Builds, maintains, monitors, and documents the overall solution.


  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field.
  • Three-plus years of professional experience in big data environment.
  • Three-plus years of hands-on experience with data modeling and performance tuning using RDBMS such as MariaDB, MYSQL, and NoSQL database such as Cassandra.
  • Three-plus years of working experience in ingesting large volume of data using Kafka.
  • Three plus years of experience with Apache Kafka stream and Spark streaming processing platform.
  • Three-plus years of experience with Apache Spark for data processing.
  • Three-plus years of programming experience in Python, Scala, and Java.
  • Experience in developing and managing RESTful API applications that involve integration with web services.
  • Experience with AWS architecture and web services like Lambda, S3, CloudWatch, and ECS.
  • Experience with Databricks platform is a plus.

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